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Phone, where's my car?

Your Cell phone records your car location and guides you back.
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All the geeks know that GPS technology is being incorporated into cell phones for 911 purposes, to let the phone tell the dispatcher the exact location you are calling from. So phones will soon know exactly where they are located.

The idea is to have your cell phone record your location when you get out of your car. Then when you can't remember where your car is located, you just have the cell phone tell you "It's 100 feet above, 1000 feet North, and 500 feet south". Or while you walk the phone can tell if you are walking in the right direction and display a "compass" pointing towards the car.

All that is kinda obvious, but here's the interesting part: how do detect when you get out of the car. There are several approaches that can be used:

1. If you unplug the 12V charging power cord from your phone, that could let it know you're getting out of the car.

2. If you happen to have a car kit for your phone, obviously removing the phone from the car holster triggers it.

3. If your car happens to have bluetooth handsfree capability, the phone will know when it leaves the bluetooth field of the car.

4. A deluxe extra-value feature might be that your cell phone recognizes the radio signals from your key fob lock/unlock device.

5. If all else fails, you can push the "remember where I am" button on the cell phone.

tmorrow, Sep 12 2003

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       Crossing a cell phone with GPS is baked (link). Using it to find your car is not, as far as I can google. So you get a fish croissant.
kbecker, Sep 12 2003

       As long as the GPS in your phone lets you plot a waypoint, you can find your way back to anywhere.   

       Beware of underground parking garages, though.
Cedar Park, Sep 13 2003

       This one should be baked by someone. Perhaps the OnStar guys?
RayfordSteele, Sep 13 2003

       This is sort of baked - there's a car protection system available in the UK with a GPS device stored in the car; one of the additional services they offer is the ability to phone the company and an operator will tell you the location of your car.
GregKL, Sep 13 2003

       Great for when you're really pissed!
Muleopod, Sep 13 2003

       Maybe you could use the voice recognition in the new Infiniti's and a GPS cell phone so you could say "Car, where's my phone?"
Cedar Park, Sep 13 2003


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