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Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Condom

Make the "resevoir tip" thinner while retaining its strength
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While reading through another condom post (an idea for and "Asymmetric Condom") I was reminded of someone commenting "Thicker condom? It already feels like you're doing it with a sock on!" in response to someone proposing a reusable condom. Perhaps what we need instead is a thinner condom, interfering less with the experience, reinforced with carbon nanotubes to retain the strength required to prevent unfortunate accidents.
NoOneYouKnow, Jun 01 2006

Nanotube Armor http://tinytechip.b...proof-nanotube.html
If they can stop bullets,why not. [blaise, Jun 05 2006]

It's also been suggested here before (with fewer fishbones) Blue_20diamond_20nanocondom
[blaise, Jun 05 2006]


       I was thinking more- "Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Condom": For those days when you just can't be bothered...
m_Al_com, Jun 01 2006

       The reason that condoms are made of rubber is that they need to stretch. Adding fibers that don't stretch defeats the purpose. Thus, it's bad science. But I'm giving you a fish not for that, but because of the carbon nanotubes. Those things should be reason for instant MFD. (Edit--Looking at the subtitle, it may be you're only talking about the tip...but I still hate the nanotubes.)
ldischler, Jun 01 2006

       Is it possible to be geeky enough to buy these and still be able to get laid?
epicproblem, Jun 01 2006

       My wife tells me that I could make a condom using one nanotube. I asked her how, and she laughed at me. I think it's a secret.
baconbrain, Jun 01 2006

       I work in a research lab that studies carbon nanotubes among other things. Carbon nanotubes are very strong. Theoretically, a bundle of nanotubes would be 100x the strength and 1/6th the weight of steel, but carbon is not ductile. For structural use, carbon is almost always used as a component of a composite because, by itself, it is very brittle. Condoms need something with a high toughness, which is something brittle materials lack.
kevinthenerd, Jun 02 2006

       Maybe it would be possibe to get around the stretch factor by using an appropriate "weave" in the carbon nanotubes.
NoOneYouKnow, Jun 03 2006

       carbon nanotube penis cozy?
epicproblem, Jun 04 2006

       Just so!
NoOneYouKnow, Jun 04 2006

       Condoms have to be waterproof, flexible and strong, in pretty much that order. Whatever you do in the way of weaving or knitting bundles of nanotubes isn't going to leave you with a waterproof membrane. Unless you then embed it in ruber or similar. I'm prepared to bet that such a composite would end up being thicker not thinner than a regular rubber-only condom.
gravelpit, Jun 05 2006


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