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Carcass Lollipops

Any other lollipop after this will just seem Boooorrriiingg.
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Imagine a lollipop that looked like a miniature severed human head. Once you scrape the scalp skin and hair away with your teeth, you bite down, facturing the skill. White matter oozes out of the cracks, and any eyeball pops out of its socket.

Admittedly, this version of a multi-casted lollipop has a halloween theme to it, but the methods are the same for any lollipop made this way.

The innermost parts are molded onto a lollipop stick, and, layer after layer of different molds, a masterpiece is made. The last molds create the outer layer of the object. Each layer can have it's own consistency, whether it be hard (for bone), or oozy (for blood, brains, mucus or puss), or chewey (for muscles, cartilage).

Halloween: severed heads, carcasses of animals, limbs, insects, eyeballs, intestines, ears, etc.

twitch, Mar 24 2010

White Chocolate Jesus with Liquid Cherry Center White_20Chocolate_2...d_20Cherry_20Center
Basically identical idea [hippo, Mar 24 2010]


       you're a sick, sick man and you need help.[+]
Voice, Jul 27 2010

       What vultures eat for afters.
mouseposture, Jul 27 2010


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