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Edible Candy Play Food

Toy and treat in one
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Playfood children can actually eat! Replicas of common foods molded from the same sweet confection candy-corn is made of, to add yummy fun to children's cooking and serving games because they can actually eat the "food" instead of just pretending. Adds sweetness to children's food play. Plastic sandwiches are so-o-o-o over
LaSparkster, May 28 2003

Snape's Potion Class, Edible Activity Set http://www.amazon.c...104-4702874-4077557
A Harry Potter branded form of the above. [Aristotle, Oct 17 2004]

30 lbs. of Runts. http://www.candywar...m/wilwonrun30c.html
Alas, no broccoli. [Amos Kito, Oct 17 2004]


       This is not too original [see link].   

       There are umpteen different playsets you can buy that produce play food that children can eat. They include molds that range from entertaining to disgusting.
Aristotle, May 28 2003

       Aristotle, this is a bit different. You see, this is an edible, confectionary version of the little plastic food replicas children use when they play pretend games related to food.
LaSparkster, May 28 2003

       So you want play food to be real food? Surely the advantage of play food is that you can get it messy without any major hygene problems. Between existing shaped confectionary, existing real food (upon which the play food is based on) and existing shaped food made from playsets (to be eaten on demand) I have to admit I can't see much of a gap in the conceptual market.   

       Maybe you feel shaped confectionary tastes better if is trod on, sat on and poked through a plastic oven?
Aristotle, May 28 2003

       This really is baked. There are miniature hotdogs with separate buns, hamburgers with their separate buns, a slice of cheese and two pickles, French fries in fast-food packs and more, no doubt, all made in the confectionary style of Gummi Bears.
Tiger Lily, May 28 2003

       Oh, blissmiss, you and your SNIDE remarks
LaSparkster, May 28 2003

       Just like old friends, they are.   

       I can't figure out what this has to do with the Farrelly brothers.
waugsqueke, May 28 2003

       *is* it sparky?, bliss.
po, May 28 2003

       Blissmiss, I am newly partnered, but his name isn't Gordon, it's Tito. Yeah, like the Pee-Wee's playhouse lifeguard. No lie. The gentleman's -- or rather, the caballero's -- name is Tito
LaSparkster, May 28 2003

       I am real, Bliss, and I am spark-tacular, and I have a question.   

       Why do you think I'm a figment because my boyfriend's name is Tito?
LaSparkster, May 28 2003

       Thanks, bliss -- I think
LaSparkster, May 31 2003

       He's a cabana boy rather than a caballero, is he not?
thumbwax, May 31 2003


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