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eat your enemies

eat a pastry with an enemies face on it.
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have you ever hated someone so much you just wanted to stap them everytime you see 'em? i'm guessing you have. well, here's an idea: get a personalized cookie, cake, cupcake etc, with your most hated enemies face drawn on it with frosting. this way, you could get the satisfaction of killing them while also eating a sweet treat. it's pretty dumb but hey! a good thing to have on you're hatered cookie, a CLOWN. we all know how much we all hate them. or the teletubbies.
LuCkYChArMs, Mar 22 2003

Magically delicious http://www.toysrgus...ycharms-sticker.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]


       It's easy enoguh to get cakes and ice cream with people's photos on them. Does this really amount to a new idea?
DrCurry, Mar 22 2003

       I can think of at least one teletubby of whom I'm rather fond.
beauxeault, Mar 22 2003

       Many people, especially wee ones, eat LuCkYChArMs for breakfast.
thumbwax, Mar 23 2003

       Hehe. Unfortunately, we don't get them here.
RoboBust, Mar 23 2003

       You are what you eat, so you would become your own worst enemy.
krelnik, Mar 23 2003

       I'm starting to develop a strong dislike for Pamela Anderson after reading this.   

       I would just take a picture of my butt and have it printed on my enemy's surprise birthday cake along with a happy birthday card that says eat my ass
jeffman, Jul 25 2003

       guy in the paper tonight, in Europe somewhere, advertised for a victim on the internet. victim turns up for tea at guy's house (thats guy in paper not G Fox. esq.) and they proceed to cook and share victim's fried penis. guy then kills victim and freezes all the body parts marked liver, steak, spam etc. I read this while eating my tea - I amaze myself sometimes...
po, Jul 25 2003


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