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Career plan website

Manage your professional development
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The idea is to use a website as a tool to manage your professional development. Each person enters and specifies his current job and the goal job to reach in X time and actions to reach it. Then you add the functionality to send certain info of your plan to your boss/college etc for reviews/feedback/endorsements and so on which you then get registered on your acct. When you request feedback you can also encrypt the info of your plan that you send out. For instance, many larger companies usually have some strucured process for develpment review for their employees but since it is implied that your next career move is within the same organization you lie if it isn't. On this site you could basically let your boss know that you have a career plan but many of the details of it is non of his/her business. I was searching for something like this the other day but couldn't find any.
hassabrass, Sep 08 2007




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