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AutoFill for Employment History

Applying to many jobs? Save time and effort
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Online employment applications are essentially carbon copies of one another. They ask the same questions: contact info, work experience, computer skills, education and so on. This leads me to believe job seekers can save time by filling out some kind of universal job form specific to their industry once and use it to automatically fill out most information on applications on a company's website. This would be some kind of script or toolbar akin to Google's AutoFill feature. Additionally, the script could automatically supply a copy of the resume and cover letter (I figure that's the important part).
goodmars, Jan 26 2009


       I guess you'd still have to review the application so you don't say "I really want to work at Hooters" when you're applying to a job at the Peace Corps.
goodmars, Jan 26 2009

       Unfortunately I think that a 'turn-the-handle' approach to job hunting might make it difficult to sell oneself.
Jinbish, Jan 26 2009

       difficult to sell oneself yes, a lot of people however suffer from lack of modivation to improve oneself. People don't make themselves available to better jobs by putting in applications while they are working. Full employment is a bit of a hinderance to maximizing productivity. If you can make it easy for people they will more redily abandon inefficient employers and they will raise wages and perhaps go out of bussiness perhaps easier in relativly good economies. there might be other factors but we might not need to wait until an economic downturn to prune inneficient industries.   

       It might not be that dramatic but that is the dirrection of the pressure it places on an economy.   

       I don't see this as a disadvangage to those who want to take the time to sell themselves. they would just take an older fasioned approach.
MercuryNotMars, Jan 26 2009

       //Unfortunately I think that a 'turn-the-handle' approach to job hunting might make it difficult to sell oneself//
Except, of course, for an unemployed organ grinder.
gnomethang, Jan 26 2009

       hey all, i'm simply suggesting a toolbar that autofills for more specific questions like work experience and what not. I'm not sure you can sell yourself on questions like these. I'm not suggesting a generic personal statement or anything.
goodmars, Jan 26 2009

       I like the idea. Any fields that need tweaking can be reviewed, but the tedium of filling in your employment history for the 400th time is mind-numbing.
phoenix, Jan 26 2009

       What? Do you wake up a different person each day? Or turn into a differrent guy based on the whim of the moment?
neelandan, Jan 27 2009

       such is the nature of multiple personality disorder.
goodmars, Jan 28 2009

       You know, this is really similar to that form letter feature that's in Word and the like.
Spacecoyote, Jan 29 2009


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