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Imitation Job

A place to go when times are hard...
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Since we are in a recession / recovery now and jobs in the USA are scarce, perhaps the unemployed woud be willing to settle for the next best thing - Immitation Job (IJ).

With the IJ, person Unemployed would still drive off to "the office" where "associates" in "business casual" attire would "gather around the coffee machine" and "exchange gossip" before returning to their cubicles to "check their messages" and "finish that up report before 5:oo".

The fact they are not being payed would be somewhat offset by their generous (15%!) annual raise and *completely open* health care, where all doctors are approved for non-coverage. There might also be less discrimination in the IJ workplace, but no gaurantee on that. After all, IJ would not be a government contractor... or would it?

hlfbkr23, Nov 08 2003


       hey, [hlfbkr23] pick a category for this, give the moderators a break ...   

       /A place to go when times are hard...//   

       Define *we*
po, Nov 08 2003

       Except for the cubicle bit, this is done. There are help groups for unemployed folks to get together and discuss their situations, share contacts, exchange resources, etc.
waugsqueke, Nov 08 2003

       so I get to pay for gas to drive me to a place I don't want to be, so I can talk to people I don't really like all that much, and be yelled at by a boss I really don't like, all so I can not get paid? Um, no thanks. I'll stick to being a couch potato during the week and a barstool warmer on the weekends.
Freefall, Nov 08 2003

From "Island of the Lost Boys", p268, "Bob Greene's America", 1993:

       "The office is the headquarters of the Chicago chapter of an organization called Forty Plus." ... "They come because, after all these years, they need a place to go when the working day begins."
benjamin, Nov 08 2003


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