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Use incompetence to your advantage
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Usually when someone is incompetent at a job, they get sacked. Well, they might not be but on the whole it will show up sooner or later and I get the boot. This ignores the fact that incompetence is a potential asset to many employers, provided the employee is working for a competitor.

We all know about the white-hot glowing reference which will burn any boss who touches the candidate to whom it's attached, so instead of that, send the person over to the other side with an honest reference which the competitor won't believe because it'll make them look like a valued employee, who of course has experience in the same line of work. Then they go and work for them and basically bring the company down inadvertently from inside in an effortless performance which an intentional saboteur would simply lack the persistence or bloody-mindedness to achieve. Also, recognise their contribution to their erstwhile workplace by not working there by giving them a pay rise, and they end up drawing two incomes.

This can be extended to political canvassing during elections. If you want the party in question to lose, simply canvass sincerely for them and they will fail.

Any resemblance to real world events in 2010 in a certain herbalist's life is of course entirely coincidental.

nineteenthly, Jan 02 2015


       I need this.
JesusHChrist, Jan 02 2015

       Ha! My colleagues and I were only talking the other day about paying someone more not to turn up at work, and save the Company plenty of money.
Ling, Jan 02 2015

       [+], largely for inventorising the word "incompetician".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 02 2015

       I'm incompetent. Where do I collect the paycheck?
Voice, Jan 02 2015

       See your Government paystub, naturally.
RayfordSteele, Jan 02 2015

       I hoped this might be an Incompetition. I am all about those!
bungston, Jan 02 2015

       Thinking about an income petition myself.   

       Love this +
blissmiss, Jan 03 2015

pashute, Jan 03 2015

       sorry, meant +]
pashute, Jan 04 2015

       [pachute is having a bad day. Obviously he' trying to type, [+
Voice, Jan 04 2015

       I've already voled.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2015

       haha +
xandram, Jan 05 2015


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