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Cargo Cap

It's a baseball cap, but with pockets.
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OK the summary sorta says it all, but isn't it a good idea? You could even keep your mp3 player in there so no wires dangle down your body. Also, it comes in extra handy if you live in a nudist colony.
gazpachoking, Dec 09 2004

Promotional Hyp Hat Cap With Zipper Pocket http://www.branders..._panel_?prdid=23577
Here's one. Also, Bucket Hats with sewn in pockets are commonplace, especially among beachgoers. [jurist, Dec 10 2004]

Pak Kap http://www.pakkap.com
Here's another one, it's even got a palindromic name. [billwilson, Dec 10 2004]


       The link i posted also has loops to hold the arms of your sunglasses. If you had your mp3 player in the pocket and hung your earbud headphones from these loops they would be there and ready whenever you werent using them, and you could take the whole thing off as a unit.
billwilson, Dec 10 2004


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