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Head Zeppelin

Pockets? We don't need no stinking pockets.
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"Ok, keys go in this pocket, phone goes in seperate pocket from keys and coins so the screen doesn't get scratched, keys seperate from coins so the coins are easily accessible, notes can go with coins, cards require own pocket, chewing gum too..."

Is this you? I know it's me. Now, all of your personal mobile storage solutions can be solved with your very own Head Zeppelin!

Affixed to your head by a string on a stylish hat with chin straps, the Head Zeppelin is a helium filled balloon with several storage pouches held below. Use these pouches to store your phone, change, USB flash device, assorted LEGO bricks, sesame seeds or shruken heads!

Also available with jacket, t-shirt and goggles attachements.

harderthanjesus, May 19 2006

walking on water http://www.colitz.c...1264523/1264523.htm
thought you might like to see this too [xenzag, May 20 2006]


       Can I have my balloon in the shape of a black dog?
Jinbish, May 19 2006

       Yes. Diversity is the spice of zeppelins.
harderthanjesus, May 19 2006

       Does this explain why you can carry so much around with you in video games?
Galbinus_Caeli, May 19 2006

       I'm a naughty kid. Head zeppelins would become my new favorite slingshot target. (mwahahaha)
Pericles, May 19 2006

       Pericles! Nice to see you again :)
david_scothern, May 19 2006

       Thanks! I'm happy to see myself again around here too. I was missing you terribly and my brain had begun to dry out. ;)
Pericles, May 19 2006

       New breed of criminal: Zeppelin snatcher.
ldischler, May 19 2006

       And of course they would travel by zeppelin - faster, more powerful zeppelins.
normzone, May 19 2006

       //my brain had begun to dry out.// I know that feeling! Let me join in the good-to-see-you-back's [P]!
zen_tom, May 19 2006

       Could we also display things on the side, like a thought bubble...?
DrCurry, May 19 2006

       What in blue blazes is a toufie?   

       I like the idea of scrolling text on the side. Maybe for the deluxe model.   

       My scientific knowledge is too minimal to know if the human refuelling system you suggest would work [boomerlash]. You have my permission to run tests.
harderthanjesus, May 20 2006

       I think a toufie is the same as a toughie.
Jinbish, May 20 2006

       Bun if it comes with a neckbrace...
RayfordSteele, May 20 2006

       A Simpsons Halloween Special (series 12?) featured both a head zepplin (albeit in a slightly different context) and shrunken heads. Inspiration?
Texticle, May 20 2006

       hello Pericles!
<shifts head swiftly from right to left as Pericles passes through>
bye Pericles!
<dabs hanky to moistened eyes>
po, May 20 2006

       //a regular helium-filled balloon can't even hold a GI Joe aloft// Hmm, [21quest], something tells me that you didn't arrive at that conclusion by calculation and application of Archimede's Prinicple.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 21 2006

       <sp> Archimedes's
SledDog, May 22 2006

methinksnot, May 22 2006

       Have you considered the weight loss aspect of this Truly uplifting idea ?
LCCPH, May 22 2006

       Hi Pericles!   

       Oh. Missed her :(
wagster, May 22 2006

       [21 Quest] 5' dia baloon for 4 lbs lift.
Zimmy, May 22 2006

       Oh, hi everyone! Sorry, I wasn't paying attention (too busy looking out the window for passing head zeppelins to snatch. Besos! I missed you too.
Pericles, May 22 2006

       Yes, I was thinking of it being something like a wire instead of a string but I tend to use the word string in a generic sense, which I shouldn't. How about the balloon apparatus being large enough to support a lightweight rotor blade construct which would then provide the lift required for the carried items.   

       Inspiration for the name, [Texticle], yes indeed.
harderthanjesus, May 23 2006

       And when you've got no more money, and your phone battery dies, and you've chewed all your gum, and crunched all your croutons, and, in short, have nothing left to carry in your zeppelin, you can suck all the helium out of it and talk funny. Inspiring!
luxlucet, May 23 2006

       //And when you've got no more money, and your phone battery dies//   

       I don't know - I tend to refrain from throwing my phone away everytime the battery dies.
energy guy, May 24 2006

harderthanjesus, May 25 2006


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