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Compact Top Hat

Lift the top and place your CD's in
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A Top Hat containing a light weight compact active CD/DVD stack system.

Open up the hinged top of the hat and place your CD's within.Turn on the battery pack or the solar power cells arranged around the brim, which collect and store additional power.Pop it on your head, plug in the headphones with volume control attached, and off you go. If you want to change your selection of music , press the select button under the brim until required CD is found.

Pop in a DVD for a open air park screening by bringing along a screen, additional power pack and projector.

Plug it in and play.

skinflaps, Jan 20 2004


       What am I going to do with the rabbit?   

       Teach it to dance ?
skinflaps, Jan 20 2004

       Have a rabbit race in the park with the other rabbits. Or have rabbit do what a rabbit has to do...
spekkie, Jan 20 2004

       If you skipped the CD storage format and stuck a mini ipod in your hat you would have room for the rabbit too.   

       It's a given that all the girls would love the bunny ;)
Tiger Lily, Jan 20 2004

       i just want a normal top hat , they're hard to find cheap , p.s. make it out of leather
slapdash loser, Jan 21 2004

       i want to give it ten croissants
flyfast, Jan 21 2004

       <top-hat annecdote>When I was at Uni there was a lad who always wore a top hat. Always. He really thought he was a far-out, alternative-dressin' kinda guy. He also tried to dance like Jamiriquai and bored the arse off freshers girls with his puerile mystic theories trying to get them to shag him. He was terribly dismissive of anyone in "normal" clothes and once insulted a friend of mine calling him a levis-wearing-brain-dead-clone who you couldn't tell from the next levis-wearing-brain-dead-clone. His opinion was that everyone knew who he was because of his highly original, flipped-out style. My friend responded, "Yeah. We all know who are. You're "The Twat In The Top Hat"".   

       Oh, how we quietly smiled to ourselves!

       like the idea BTW
squeak, Jan 21 2004

       From the title, I thought this would be some sort of opera hat (collapsible top hat), and, instead, it turns out to be ... a sort of opera hat (hat for listening to recorded opera).
mouseposture, Dec 19 2009


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