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dirty soap

lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat....
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The science on this one is a little shaky, I admit, but there IS a patent for printing on soap, so...

Manufacture bars of soap in layers with each layer bearing a different nudie pic. Every week or so, your bar would wear down to expose a new minipinup.

saxman, Jan 20 2008

US Patent 6,136,764 (1998) http://www.google.c...AAAAEBAJ&dq=6136764
Embedded image layer in soap. [jutta, Jan 20 2008]


       <blatant plagurism> How long has that "e" been missing in your life? </bp>   

       And how long before a customer gets the telling alkaline burn in their urethra? Stick with the pack of nudie playing cards you have hidden under your mattress.
4whom, Jan 20 2008

       I challenge you to a game of nudie Texas hold'em
saxman, Jan 20 2008

       Tempting as that may be, I think your definition of "Hold-em" may not apply to the two cards dealt.
4whom, Jan 20 2008

       Could this include a text with each picture that said, "And now wash your hands, you dirty little sod" ?
8th of 7, Jan 20 2008

       Will soap wear regularly enough for this to work? Badly mixed layers of half-worn soap will help construct whole new genres of mutant soft porn.
jutta, Jan 20 2008

       Bars of soap wear away in fairly predicatble ways, starting out with sharp edges, becoming progressively more rounded, and then the sharp edges reappearing as the soap approaches its near-final "sliver" state. At this point it often undergoes dimensional collapse (failing mechanically in the Z-plane) and fragmenting.   

       Given enough iterations fo soap erosion, it should be possible to generate a predictive model for the general case. However, the very presence of an image may, in a Heisenbergian way, affect the erosion pattern; if a sufficently salacious image is revealed, the soapee may elect to preferentially erode the opposite face to preserve the revealed image.   

       In these days of equality, it seems a reasonable presumption that alternate faces of a shared bar of soap could reveal images attractive to males and females; however, this would proabably result in one face eroding faster than the other, depending on the propensity for washing. To preserve fairness, male/male and female/female soap should be avalaible for those if same-sex relationships. We do not consider that we have enough data to address the complex issue of a menage-a-trois.
8th of 7, Jan 20 2008

       How will you sell the miraculous appearance of the virgin mary's visage on your bar of soap, given that some of the image shows genitalia?   

       And, //new genres of mutant soft porn.// has got to be the best thong I have heard this year!
4whom, Jan 21 2008

       Presumably by Divine Intervention ..... will someone PLEASE make the "hope in her soul" joke, the suspense is killing us ....
8th of 7, Jan 21 2008


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