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Carrot Monster

to replace Cookie Monster
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Cookie Monster sets an unhealthy example, but kids love his reckless abandon. Why not make him crazy for a healthy food -- rename him Carrot Monster.
JesusHChrist, Apr 11 2005

Cookie Monster gets healthy http://blog.seattle...rchives/004630.html
[JesusHChrist, Apr 11 2005]

A carrot monster movie http://www.scifimov....com/thingfrom.html
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 11 2005]

Carrot Monster http://www.galleryp...graphics/MH0404.jpg
[calum, Apr 11 2005]

scroll down to see bunny rabbit http://timstvshowcase.com/kangaroo.html
He tricked the Captain into giving him carrots [dentworth, Apr 11 2005]

Captain Vegetable http://www.sesame-e...ptainVegetable.html
Henson beats JHChrist to the punch. [calum, Jul 13 2005]

Captain Vegetable's Song http://members.trip...ny_Dancer/capt.html
It is I, Captain Vegetable
With my carrot, and my celery
Eating crunchy vegetables is good for me
And they're good for you, so eat them too. [calum, Jul 13 2005]

"Cookie's a seasoned adult" http://www.sesameworkshop.org/
"Sesame turns 35!" There's a link there somewhere... [elhigh, Jul 14 2005]


       Hey! Why you mess with Cookie Monster? Where Cookie? Give me Cookie. Cookie, cookie, cookie! Nyhum, nyhum, nyhum.
whippinggas, Apr 11 2005

       Sushi is good for you. Why not Sushi Monster?
jaksplat, Apr 11 2005

       Oh dear. I think the bakers will have fun with this one.
finrod, Apr 11 2005

       yes we will...   

       "..and now kiddies, Carrot Monster will demonstrate the Halfbakery Full Body Condom..."
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 11 2005

       any USers old enough to remember BunnyRabbit on Captain Kangaroo?
dentworth, Apr 11 2005

       I found Captain Kangaroo boring, but does anyone remember my uncle, Pip the Piper? I don't remember any carrots on his show, but they had a Mr. Flooglefish.
sketchgrrl, Jul 13 2005

       Kids will be unable to empathise with Carrot Monster and will hate him. You might as well ask the Count to recite the alphabet.
wagster, Jul 13 2005

       "A! Ah, ha, ha, ha! B! Ha, ha, ha! C! Ha, oh who cares..."   

       Honestly, I heard something in the news about this actually happening - they're talking about making Cookie less of a Cookie Monster and more of a Reasonable Healthy Snack Monster.   

       "Mmm! Rutabagas! NUMNUMGROWLGRBLRLB!...sorry."   

       That's just wrong.
elhigh, Jul 13 2005

       Cookie Monster Lite?
wagster, Jul 13 2005

       [elhigh] //NUMNUMGROWLGRBLRLB!//
Is that a [mfd] reason??
Minimal, Jul 13 2005

       No, but the rutabaga is.
elhigh, Jul 14 2005

       Cookie's a seasoned adult [link]. Maybe he's ready for adult things. Hell, he probably is, that would explain why he's blue all over...   

       Rename him Coochie Monster and turn him loose. NUMNUMGROWLGRBLRLB!! ...yeah, baby. NUMNUMGROWL!!   

       A whole 'nother oral fixation, perfectly healthy if you've been careful, and lots of fun between consenting adults. And no more messy crumbs!
elhigh, Jul 14 2005


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