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Oldschool Kids' Show

In good old fashioned 2D animation
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Why must the only choices in childrens' television be brain-draining Spongebob or 3D digitally animated educational shows like Dinosaur Train? I say bring back shows like Johnny Quest, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, GI Joes, Transformers, Space Ghost, etc. Give 'em a face lift, perhaps a touch of modernity, but NO 3D digital animation, and no educational agenda. Kids do not need to be taught at every minute of their lives. Sometimes they just need to be entertained.

Yeah yeah, MFD advocacy I guess...

21 Quest, Jan 10 2013


       rant. Not that I disagree, mind.
FlyingToaster, Jan 10 2013

       I plan on buying or creating DVDs of Bugs. Cartoons without a good soundtrack are a travesty, and most cartoons on these days are either disgustingly horrid in quality or annoyance factor or too cutesy for words.
RayfordSteele, Jan 10 2013

       I agree with everything you just said, Ray.
21 Quest, Jan 10 2013

       I have 5 children, under 11 yrs old. I agree fully. They are just kids. Why do half these new shows try to pretend to teach them something (Dora), and the other half try to melt their little brains (SpongeBob)?
Brian the Painter, Jan 10 2013

       They still play old cartoons right? I grew up watching 50 year old reruns of bugs bunny and the other good ones.
DIYMatt, Jan 10 2013

       // They still play old cartoons right?//

       Not so much anymore, no. I grew up on those same re-runs, but too many people have blamed school shootings on them they simply aren't playing those shows as often these days.
21 Quest, Jan 10 2013

       Whereas i get that they shouldn't ram facts down viewers' throats, they would automatically be educational because the nature of reality is instructive. For instance, a child might learn animation tricks or how a gripping story works. I like the idea though.
nineteenthly, Jan 11 2013

       My kids have recently been watching old Noggin the Nog videos. Classic 1970's animation with great stories and Oliver Postgate's beautiful narration.
hippo, Jan 11 2013

       That's good old-fashioned cartoonery if ever I saw it. Tis indeed a fortunate lad wot grows up on Noggin the Nog.
21 Quest, Jan 11 2013

       Batfink. Whayever happened to Batfink?   

       He got rabies and died.
calum, Jan 11 2013


       Today's cartoons are made by adults to children.Old cartoons were made by children in adult bodies. When the motivation is the money, art always lose.
piluso, Jan 12 2013

       Well the target audience is different, as well. Cartoons such as Bugs Bunny were not originally intended for children, they were made to entertain other adults and it just so happened kids loved 'em. Now they're actually targeting them at children, and they erroneously feel a need to dumb it down for them. Or so it seems.
21 Quest, Jan 12 2013

       Personally, I don't think things have changed.

       I think they always made crap cartoons. Scooby Doo. Tom and Jerry. Popeye.

       They sometimes made good ones too, like Bugs Bunny.

       I also think that some cartoons today are also pretty good. Mighty Bees, Johnny Test, The Fairly Oddparents.
Kansan101, Jan 12 2013

       Popeye and Tom & Jerry were some of the good ones, in my opinion. I also liked Fairly Odd Parents, along with Dexter's Lab, but didn't that show end a few years ago?
21 Quest, Jan 12 2013

       I used to like Popeye and Tom and Jerry back when I was 7. If I look at them today though, I think they are terrible.
Kansan101, Jan 12 2013

       //didn't that show end a few years ago?// 2003.
DIYMatt, Jan 12 2013

       Cartoon characters in the past used to smoke, drink liquor,(Elmer Fudd), and were always trying to murder each other. Cruella de Vil tried killing and skinning puppies. Peter Pan was very sexist to Wendy early in the movie. If I talked the way any of these characters spoke, even for a day, I would be sentenced to 5 yrs. at least. I say even Sponge Bob is a major improvement!
Brian the Painter, Jan 12 2013

       21, You make someone good father sometime. +
blissmiss, Jan 13 2013

       Cartoons used to be based on a simple algorithm: "if you're bad then somebody will drop an anvil on your head".

       Most of today's childrens' offerings seem to be mostly hypnotoad based.
FlyingToaster, Jan 13 2013

       @ Brian, Elmer Fudd was also portrayed as a bumbling moron, and the antagonist of the story. Bugs Bunny made carrots seem cool. When I was a child, I used to munch on carrots saying 'Eh... what's up up Doc?'. I'd say the show set a very healthy example. Cruella DeVille was undisputably a villain, and nowhere was it said the pups would be skinned alive. Horace was going to club them to death with a chair leg, and THEN Jasper was going to skin them, and these were clearly not characters the viewer was intended to emulate. Peter Pan was uneducated and uncouth due to having no parents to teach him right from wrong, and he learned the proper respect to show Wendy, as did all the other Lost Boys. The film was about the importance of having a mother figure in the family unit, and Peter had the sense to see that his family (the Lost Boys) needed one.

       Thanks Bliss, it's tough sometimes.
21 Quest, Jan 13 2013

       I used to live near Oliver Postgate as a child. He was just over the other side of the woods, i think, but that sounds a little like a children's story so i might not remember it correctly. Him and James Bond.
nineteenthly, Jan 13 2013


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