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New Winky Dink and You

A new version of the Winky Dink and You show.
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Instead of drawing on the television screen with a crayon, over a piece of plastic, draw using your Gamecube or playstation or other machinery. For that matter, you could sell (or give away) a cheap Winky Dink controller you could use to write on the screen directly, as in the retro game controllers...Sort of the thing that Burger King or McDonald's would pass out. Plus, you could give Brian Williams a blue goatee.
cloudface, Dec 10 2004

(?) Winky Dink-workstyle at Pixar http://preview.mill...eo_tool_time_pixar/
[cloudface, Dec 10 2004]

Apologies to the Amazons http://www.amazon.c...59-3948839?v=glance
Self-contained controller ref [cloudface, Dec 10 2004]


       very strange indeed. +
benfrost, Dec 10 2004

       I don't understand what the user interface is. Are you holding a pen, or are you pushing buttons?
jutta, Dec 10 2004

       This seems very familiar - did someone do this one before, or is this a reposting?
DrCurry, Dec 11 2004


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