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PeanutButter Street

across the block from Sesame Street
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A puppet, story-time fantasy world where everything has a surface of peanut butter. The puppets learn that peanut butter changes the way one walks down the street. Feet stick and tug on the pb pavement. The puppets learn that the “walk* of life has many walks. The peanut butter helps them to realize this by adding an extra challenge to everything they must do.

There is no deep meaning hidden that one can’t see. The children who watch this show will see puppets doing all kinds of things from daily life, except that everything has peanut butter on it, so they have to deal with that. The children will laugh. Hopefully, adults will laugh, too.

xandram, Oct 04 2007


       you're going to be overrun with squirrels.
dentworth, Oct 04 2007

       Sounds like a dream, after having eaten too much peanut butter.   

       There is something quite disturbingly Freudian about a world where everything is enveloped in sticky brown goo.
zen_tom, Oct 04 2007

       Sometimes life is sad, but we can still laugh at things.
xandram, Oct 05 2007

       Hmmm. I boned this at first because I couldn't imagine how it would be funny, for adults or for children, especially if it was a series. I mean, it's a one joke show that really isn't going to go anywhere apart from exploring how easy it is to slip over on a peanut butter pavement and perhaps, how keeping kitchen surfaces hygienic would be nigh on impossible.   

       But then I thought, it's rather like the Elbonians in some respects, and that seems to be relatively entertaining. Plus I could tenuously link to my Flavoured Mud idea.   

       However, then I thought, that was in Dilbert, and my mirth disbanded in an instant. Sorry.
theleopard, Oct 05 2007

       I didn't know about Dilbert. So, this is baked then? You don't have to be sorry. [theleopard]
xandram, Oct 05 2007

       No no, it's not baked, I just... er... don't like it that much.   

       <whispers> sorry... </w>
theleopard, Oct 05 2007

       jelly's gellous
blissmiss, Oct 06 2007


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