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Cold-blooded cookery

Exploring options
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Most TV cookery programmes focus on fairly conventional foodstuffs, and are unimaginative as far as meat is concerned. Oh, occasionally someone will cook some ostrich, or kangaroo, but that's about it.

Reptiles really don't get a look in, which is a shame as they are a good source of protein, and while there aren't any really huge saurians around any more (except in the fevered imaginations of movie makers) big lizards such as crocodiles (which haven't evolved for millions of years, because they don't need to) are farmed commercially for both meat and hides.

So, a series of TV cookery shows that centres on cooking meat from very large reptiles, emphasizing the health benefits; as stir-frying is a well known technique which preserves flavour with the use of very little additional fat or oil, it seems the best method to use.

Which would give the series a working title of "Wok-ing with Dinosaurs" ...

8th of 7, Oct 30 2018


       "You can't be killing and cooking Spotted Owls they're on the endangered list!...But now that you have... what do they taste like?"   

       "Meh, a bit like Bald Eagle."   

       Alligator, unh, tastes like chicken. But what does chicken taste like?!   

Sgt Teacup, Oct 30 2018

       <nudges [2fries]> Psst. Birds are warm-blooded. <\n[2f]>
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 30 2018

       I think Woking would be much better with dinosaurs.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 30 2018

       If you found them to be totally exciting, in a perverse sort of way, you could also have 'wanking with dinosaurs'.
xenzag, Oct 30 2018

       Ah, we can always rely on [xen] for a cultured, erudite contribution to any debate ...   

       // Woking would be much better with dinosaurs. //   

       Sounds like a Dr. Who episode, probably one with Jon Pertwee ...   

       But since the current population are thick-skinned, sluggish, aggressive and predatory, it begs the question"Who'd notice ?"   

       No wonder H. G. Wells set The War Of The Worlds there ... being wiped off the planet by a Martian heat-ray is the best thing that could happen to the wretched place. Such a shame it was only fiction.
8th of 7, Oct 30 2018

       //"Who'd notice ?"// Yes, he would.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 30 2018

       Sea Turtle Egg Drop Soup, anyone?
RayfordSteele, Nov 01 2018


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