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Coronation Street reality show

Kill off/modify characters whose time has come.
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In this version the public would vote on and supply the storyline.eg Roy Cropper falls in vat of cooking oil.Goodbye Roy.

Emily Bishop becomes worlds oldest stripper.

Hailey becomes a man again and gets Rita pregnant !What would that poor kid look like?

The possibilities are endless.

python, Mar 19 2004


       I'd rather see the eastenders cast go on a Granada Studios tour for a laugh.
sufc, Mar 19 2004

       " it's a laugh init?" Oh lighten up people.I am a fan of the show too and you must admit ,it and some of the viewers(obviously),are showing their age.What happened to the famed British sense of humour?Some episodes have can best be described as poor people yelling at each other.Suggested new name" Boring Nation Street".
python, Mar 21 2004

       I thought visiters of the Halfbakery were mostly intelligent.It appears I was mistaken(in this case).Capable of voting against a sublect but not articulate enough to comment on it.(You know who you are.)
python, Mar 22 2004

       I deleted mine!
po, Mar 22 2004

       // I thought visiters of the Halfbakery were mostly intelligent //   

       They mostly are, [python].   

       // famed British sense of humour //   

       So, apart from being *somewhat* UK-centric, maybe this explains some of the bones. I'm in the UK, and my sense of humour's fine and dandy, thanks. However, and this is merely my humble viewpoint, Coronation Street turns my brain to mush, reality TV is a crime against civilisation, and television in general is the work of unholy forces. But hey, as I say, maybe that's just me.   

       Only joking.
saker, Mar 23 2004

       I hate Coronation Street, EastEnders et al. I hate so-called reality TV, I hate program and film making by focus group and I hate the idea of cluttering up the TV schedules with this idea. So here's another fishbone to help you maintain your sense of humour, python.
DrBob, Mar 23 2004

       I think it was baked at some point in the late eighties or early nineties, by a kids TV show. Unfortunately, the intervening years of substance abuse have robbed me of a remembrance stronger than a vague notion of familiarity of concept.   

       But, aside from that, I quite like it. Like DrBob, I dislike soaps and reality TV but a saddeningly large number of people think that both are utterly ace. And a saddeningly large number of people would love to wield power over imaginary people. Not for nothing do Sim-prefixed games sell shedloads.   

       And because lowest common denominator television is popular with the lowest common denominator, the resultant viewer-controlled plots and incidents will naturally veer towards the most grotesque option, sinking kicthen sink soaps like EastEnders into Grand Guignol/Italian Horror Technicolor nastiness. Can't wait. Croissant.
calum, Mar 23 2004

       Anyone who sat through the utterly awful BBC kids show What's your Story? with Sylvester McCoy will give this idea more fishbones than there are fishies in the sea. It's a recipe for terrible television.   

       More seriously, shows should be written by people with long term plans and ideas about developing character, not thrown together out of gimmicky sensationalism. Corrie's already gone downhill out of a desperate attempt to woo an audience with flashy short-termism.   

       Ergo, this idea sucks both in practice and in theory. Satisfied, snake-boy?
kropotkin, Mar 23 2004


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