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Casino Sounds for Stockmarket

A computer program that makes casino noises to go with your stock portfolio progress.
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A computer application that runs in the background or in a small window, and makes Casino noises that follow your stockmarket portfolio's progress. As your stocks go down, you hear the sound of coins going into a slot machine, and failed lever pulls. As they go up, you hear coins drop into the loud bowl. If they go up significantly, you hear jackpot alarms. A small window would show a change bucket that indicated how much money was left in your accounts, and maybe an animated slot machine.
Krate, Oct 17 2002


       I have no stock portfolio. Can I borrow some money to play in your casino stockmarket? I want to invest in Atari. "ding","ding","ding.
lazloquezos, Oct 17 2002

       Nice, one.
iuvare, Oct 18 2002

       Usually there will be an empty bucket with a hole punched in the bottom of it with Harvey Pitt, and your ex-mother-in-law with wide eyes and C-Notes clenched in their teeth as your portfolio tanks.
Dragon, Oct 18 2002

       I originally read this as 'Casino Sounds for Supermarkets'. I imagined playing the cashier double or nothing for my groceries.   

       This idea is good too, but surely there are already programs which play sounds (maybe not casino sounds) to indicate the progress of a portfolio? It seems pretty obvious. [Later] Well, I can't find anything. Perhaps [DrCurry] might know of something.
phoenix, Oct 18 2002

       I think this should be played over loudspeakers at the stock exchanges and bourses across the world - just to wind up the poor traders even more.
whimsickle, Oct 18 2002

       Obviously some new use of the word 'poor' I haven't come across.
General Washington, Oct 19 2002

       I love the idea, I am sad to say though, after the last quarter's reporting, I now not only have nothing in my change bucket but there's an IOU written to my company's 401k from me for a mere $200,000.
blissmiss, Oct 19 2002


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