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File Memory

Where you have to play 'memory' to get your file.
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Everyone, at some point or another, has played memory, or a game like it. You usually have to find two cards of the same number to get the card 'out'. Many people would like to improve their memory, but don't have the time to take those awful Brainbuilder programmes. Why not intergrate the game 'memory' into folders, so that you have to remember where one folder is?

Of course, you'd have more than one file involved, and once you've paired any of them up, for the day you can access the file without having to go and play 'memory' again.

Over time the difficulty level will increase or decrease, depending how well/badly you're doing.

froglet, Nov 19 2005


       You could have all different sorts of games going on in different places in your computer. You might have to do a chess problem to get to one folder, or a foreign-language flashcard to get to another.   

       Incidentally, I think your folders must be much more organized than mine; finding stuff on my computer is *already* a game of memory.   

mungojelly, Nov 20 2005

       I like the foreign language idea too. [+]
Detly, Nov 20 2005


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