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Block fitting game based on real-time trading data
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The idea here is for a "tetris-style" game that would use real- time trading data (i.e. the stock and trade volume) to generate blocks that go up and down with the trade direction.

Whereas in Tetris one must avoid the vertical line fill up bottom up, this game would require direction in both directions, since positive trades would be moving up, and negative trades would be going down. Volume/lot size can be used for the block size, or perhaps even in a 3D/VR version.

theircompetitor, Jun 15 2016


       Brilliant. I love it.
blissmiss, Jun 15 2016

       nifty visualization, of course, it is up the reader to say   

       If there are ways of making money that have to do with variations of greater than 1s then people could make money from it   

       Or at least, cause middle of portfolioness with asset maintenance of moderate growth.
beanangel, Jun 17 2016


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