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Pit Fighter Tycoon

Be the Don King of underground Pit Fights!
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You hire pit fighters from all over the world with different martial arts skills and weapon proficiencies. Of course you will have to advertise your fights, setup food vending, cleaning crews, medics, living quarters for crews and fighters, accommodations for guests, etc.
phonuz, Mar 21 2001


       ...and develop a bizarre hair style.
DrBob, Mar 21 2001

       I think the hairstyle bit should work like the palace in Civilization...
bookworm, Mar 21 2001

       I've just written a game not a million miles from this idea, called HoboBoxing, (free from http://www.mrceri.co.uk). so I'd better give you a good vote!
MrCeri, Jan 07 2003


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