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Castor cane

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Canes are valuable walking aids. However inan effort toimprove their durability, many manufacturers cap them with rubber. The rubber tip impedes the smooth movement of the cane over the ground, forcing theuser to lift the cane repeatedly. BUNGCO wonders why such inefficiency has been tolerated so long?

Introducing the Castor Cane! With a castor wheel at its tip, the Castor cane rolls smoothly along the ground.

bungston, May 18 2006

Bungco Inc http://www.angelfire.com/ut/bungco/
Fascinating. [epicproblem, May 18 2006]

oddly enough they are baked! http://www.1800whee...asp?product_id=1545
[xandram, May 18 2006]


       What the BUNGCO marketing department forgot to tell you in their eagerness to post this idea was that there is a pressure-activated break in the castor that engages when the user applies more than a user-configurable weight. Right?
methinksnot, May 18 2006

       Oooo! Good idea! I don't suppose you need a job? BUNGCO offers good benefits, and our Fake Rubber Ass Division has an opening.
bungston, May 18 2006

       I kind of had my sights in the BUNGCO Authentic Ruber Ass Division. But thanks anyway; guess I'll just have to keep trying...
methinksnot, May 18 2006


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