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better bourbon cane

electronics and nitrous
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The flask canes presently available have several glass vials with stopper that have to be removed from the cane in order to enjoy a surreptitious drink in the middle of the game/opera/children's school presentation.

It would be better if the cane had a thin stainless lining with a tiny but long tube reaching to the bottom. The tube would be attached to a battery-powered electronic valve in the head of the cane. Another valve would be attached to a small nitrous canister, Which would be timed to fire (by means of a small circuit board) a second or two after the pouring valve.

The cane would have decorative buttons down the side (these could be tiny roses, etc.) that would trigger the opening of the valve. There would be five or so, and they would have to be chorded in a specific ways to trigger different pour amounts.

nomocrow, Jul 07 2011


       Especially if you don't want anyone to know you've been drinking...
Alterother, Jul 07 2011

       I have a hard time picturing this. Either you have to tip the whole cane to pour a drink, catching some nice lady under the nose with the filth-festooned tip as it waves about, or you have to suck lasciviously on your cane and hope no-one notices. Or perhaps the nitrous detonation shoots some booze into the air and your mouth nose and eyes.   

bungston, Jul 07 2011

       If it were a sword cane too then you could call it Excalibourbon...
that's not mine. I swiped it but I don't remember from who.


       doesn't really matter the point it it's not mine   

       //Excalibourbon// Hence the expression "You're stoned!"
spidermother, Jul 07 2011

       [bungston] The idea is that the cane works upright and surreptitiously If the cane is like an inverted "L" the liquor comes from the tip of the small leg, underneath. You just have to push the right chord while holding your mixer under the tip.   

       ..but I guess I didn't mention that you would have at least a glass of ice. Anything else would be barbaric.
nomocrow, Jul 07 2011

       carbonated drinks are absorbed by the body faster and your level of intoxication.
po, Jul 10 2011

Voice, Jul 10 2011


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