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Gift idea

"Loaded" walking-stick
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Now that I’m not allowed to drive a car, I spend a lot of time waiting in bus-stop shelters, so I amuse myself inventing spin-offs on what I see around me.

Here’s today’s collection of controlled dreaming about walking-stick “improvements”.

- a quick-access pouch for the cellphone

- a walk-in-the-dark light

- a pepper spray exiting through the ferrule

- a foldout seat halfway up using the folding-fan principle

- flip-out feet for standing up stick while you fumble in your pockets

- compartments for bus-card, coins, cash-card, nip of whiskey

- a vinegar-spray against dog-attacks

- for dog-owners, a plastic-bags compartment and a snap-ring for a dog-lead, plus a reward-pellet container

- a voice-chip which says "Please call so-and-so I'm lost", triggered by cooling of the handle

Most of these are just plain silly of course, but there’s a big market out there for jokey retirement gifts such as a fully loaded stick might be.

rayfo, Oct 02 2000


       Would someone please get Rayfro some Venture Capital and a staff to implement his ideas? Even if his ideas were bad he's a wonderful person and I'd keep my mouth shut if he kept it all (But he wouldn't because he's...)
thumbwax, Oct 02 2000

       Thanks thumbwax. You make a good impression with that thumb of yours, but I'd rather succeed at failure than make a mess of success. I'm a natural born halfbaker.
rayfo, Oct 02 2000

       This got my vote, if for no other reason because Rayfo managed to use the word "ferrule."   

       (Also, it brings back fond memories of a character I played in a GURPS Fantasy game back in college who invented the Swiss Army Quarterstaff...)
Uncle Nutsy, Oct 03 2000

       Uncle Nutsy, you're not the only inventer of that...I designed one that had blades, and a grappling hook and rope, and turned into one of the giant 3-part Nunchaku type thing that I can't remember the name of...A lot of fun. Actually drew up designs for it...
StarChaser, Oct 05 2000

       Add a 120V plugin feature for recharging, warming coffee, or air popping a bag o' corn. I'll bet that thing would fly off the shelves .. uh.
reensure, Oct 05 2000

       That's next year's model.
StarChaser, Oct 06 2000


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