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All Terrain Suitcase with Caterpillar tracks instead of wheels
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Most suitcases have spindly little wheels that are totally inadequate for the more adventurous traveller, who often needs to cross rough ground, or even deep pile carpet, where a heavy case can dig in like a crab....

Enter the Cat-Case which has caterpillar tracks instead of wheels. As other travellers struggle to drag their reluctant luggage over soft or uneven surfaces, Cat-Case owner marches confidently forward, his case gliding effortlessly on its own multi-terrain tracks. When not in use the tracks would be stored in a shallow recess, popping out at the flick of a switch for deployment when needed.

xenzag, Oct 13 2005


       Genius idea, but wouldn't larger wheels serve the same function and be easier to lug?
jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

       You should make a monowheel suit case so any obstacle less than half the height of the case could be easily overcome by the large tire.   

       For cases with fragile items, the suitcase would have to be specially weighted, so it doesn't tumble over itself.
jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

       you put your cat in a suit case?
benfrost, Oct 14 2005


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