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The Luggage

Based on 'Flocking Luggage', and 'Flocking Road Cones' (and with special thanks to Terry Pratchett)
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After coming back from Germany last Wednesday, I have found that it is very painful for the back of your feet when the handle for pulling your luggage behind you is way too short. I would feel better if somebody could make my luggage follow me, kinda like 'the Luggage' from several Discworld books. The Luggage would follow a safe distance behind using a radio doowhacky, the receiver would be on the back of my coat, and I remove it when I need to check in at the airport.


The Luggage would be powered via a battery, which could be recharged using solar power (you could recharge it while you were on holiday in Spain...)

If it were a very looong vacation, and you were on a plane that didn't have a certain weight...

froglet, Apr 25 2005

Flocking Luggage Flocking_20Luggage
Not exactly what I was looking for, but it was pretty close [froglet, Apr 25 2005]

Flocking Road Cones Flocking_20Road_20Cones
The road cones! [froglet, Apr 25 2005]


       Thank you for pointing that out to me, I have now added a little 'special thanks to' note as well.
froglet, Apr 25 2005

       Yes! I've had that exact same thought. The time is ripe for robotic luggage. I want to see people walk around followed by little wheeled things that squeal heartbreakingly if they get too far behind.   

       If you want to use solar power to recharge it, this would mean a very heavy bag and a loooong vacation.
jutta, Apr 26 2005


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