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The luggage

Luggage that follows you
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Things would be so much easier if we lived on the disc world. O the advantages for example luggage that follows you. However we do not live on a world perched on four elephants standing on a giant turtle nor do we have 8 colours in our colour spectrum.

BUT what if our luggage could follow us. It could be possible. An electronic motor could be fitted at the bottom of the suitcase to power the wheels. The motor can be controlled by a small device, which could be attached to your shoe or placed in your pocket. The suitcase could be tuned to follow the radio frequency of your controller (the device in your pocket or attached to your shoe). Of course all luggage would have to be set to a different frequency otherwise on your journey you may loose or accumulate other luggage followers. The control would transmit by radio waves rather then infrared. Your control would be able to set the amount of steps between you and your luggage, it would also control the luggage’s speed. O and the suitcase would have to be equipped with sturdy wheels and good suspension so it could tackle LOW curves. To stop the luggage crashing into other objects perimeter sensors would be placed round the suitcase. And the control and luggage can be switched off.

magic_ki, Feb 04 2004

picture of Terry Pratchett clutching his luggage http://www.angelfir.../terrypratchett.gif
[po, Oct 04 2004]

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       How are you going to prevent major luggage pileups in crowded areas such as airport check in areas or train stations? I'm all for this as I hate carrying luggage, but I'm concerned about the logistics.
hazel, Feb 04 2004

       Opps forgot to mention about the perimeter sensors on the luggage.
magic_ki, Feb 04 2004

       sort of half baked ... please see gratuitous self promoting link to my Bluetooth golf trolley, which is a trolley which follows you around. Not much of a leap of faith to make it a suitcase.
jonthegeologist, Feb 04 2004

       o sorry [jon] i have not yet read all your ideas.
magic_ki, Feb 04 2004

       Don't Apologize [Magic_Ki], you didn't know about jon's idea...
Deadlock'd, Feb 04 2004

       [magic_ki] and you would have had to have been a genius to have known to search the bakery for bluetooth golf trolley .. but there you have it.
jonthegeologist, Feb 04 2004

       but politeness is appreciated around here!
po, Feb 04 2004

       either a genius or a golfa holic.
magic_ki, Feb 04 2004

       granted ... but as other correspondents today have noted, golf is an evil game.
jonthegeologist, Feb 04 2004

       why is golf evil.
magic_ki, Feb 04 2004

       sorry, I meant dull. Easy mistake.
jonthegeologist, Feb 04 2004

       Preheated, in an episode of Red Dwarf.....saw an intelligent piece of luggage rolling around the spaceport, asking people if they'd seen it's owner, and describing him in great detail.....
normzone, Feb 04 2004

       Somehow, I don't think the airport security officials would like the idea of everyone and their luggage having built-in electronics that are not easily inspected.
GenYus, Feb 04 2004


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