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Catholic Folk Band
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At school we had a competition to name the appalling polar neck wearing folk band that played at school masses.

My suggestion of The Rythm Method was never adopted.

Martin Figura, Feb 26 2001


       Guilty Padre.
reensure, Feb 26 2001

       That's sad... The Rhythm Method would've been perfect.
PotatoStew, Feb 26 2001

       Pope on a Rope?   

       Papal Bull?   

       Mitre Box?   



       Ab-Stain? (No, no, these are all fine, just not for a folk band. Maybe for a Catholic punk band, though.)   


       Still Small Voice? (actually, these two probably wouldn't have been half bad for a folk band. . .)   

       Our Lady of Perpetual Motion? (har-har)   

       Cardinal Newman and the Newmanettes?   

       Too bad "Madonna" was already taken. (And taken, and taken, and taken. . . .)
deacon, May 28 2001


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