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Accent Certification Society

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Accent Certification Society

This is a club that you pay a fee to join. a certification card is issued that permits you to use a fake accent as you see fit in everyday social environments.

This would give people license to roll out a fake British or Indian or other accent when they see fit without the shame.

vfrackis, Oct 18 2009

Name: [theleopard] RE: Application for Scottish accent. Welsh-Embraish_20Translaeta_2c_20ken_3f
Article one. Includes clear public ridicule, poor choice of idioms and overly reliant on phonetic spelling. [theleopard, Oct 23 2009]

Name: [theleopard] RE: Application for Yorkshire accent. Clic!Kung_20Spear
Article two. Completely gratuitous and arbitrary use of accent to add unnecessary character to narrative. [theleopard, Oct 23 2009]


       //without the shame// of doing an accent badly, or of racism, or what? Why do I need a certification to make a fool of myself? I do that already for free.
sninctown, Oct 18 2009

       When I see fit without the shame I just enjoy it. I mean who doesn't enjoy the naked human form in healthy condition. I'm sure that it inspires me to use a licentious accent but I wouldn't do that in a club that I had paid to get into. If I saw fit in an everyday social environment I wouldn't permit myself to be a certified card by staring, I would fake distraction.
WcW, Oct 18 2009

       I agree with quest. Completely pointless except it would mark a person as a card carrying prat as opposed to the garden variety.
shahcat, Oct 21 2009

       I like this idea; but would like it to be extended to the certification of native accents. There is a growing problem in some countries, particularly certain members states of the of the European Union, in which young adults grow up speaking an accent which is from neither family, school, nor community. In the case of much of England, this strange accent borrows heavily from American and Estuary English, both relayed to them by the medium of television. Similar problems exist elsewhere, and I can go into detail if required.   

       Thus, this idea would also be a worthwhile addition to the standard school examination régime. Students chose between learning either RP or their own regional accent (depending on their political orientation), and having mastered a socially appropriate way of communicating, get an Accent Certification Card.
vincevincevince, Oct 21 2009

       I wish you could take this a few steps even further, and establish an institution that offered accent courses from around the world, upon the completion of which said certifications could be issued. It's a good source of employment for immigrants.
tatterdemalion, Oct 21 2009

       Dick van Dyck had his revoked for using a loud and offensive accent in a public movie.
coprocephalous, Oct 21 2009

       Arrrrr, Jim Lads and Jimette Lasses. Oi'd just like to be a'pointin' out that one person's phoney accent might be another matey's native tongue, so it is.   

       So, avast there, me hearties, but if you don't mind, oi'll be a'seein' your cerstiffycates for Received Pronunciation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 21 2009

       The idea of issuing a license to do something knows no limits and must therefore be regarded as "idea light" ie a license to wear tartan; to pick your nose when sitting at traffic lights; to walk backwards with a banana on your head etc etc. Having said that, I still like it.
xenzag, Oct 21 2009

       I think there should be multiple grades of accent license. You pay an extra fee for having bad though.
MechE, Oct 21 2009

       //Xenxag// Are you suggesting my Nasal Excavation License is fake? I even paid extra for the provision to Excavate in a public place.   

       "That's not a goldfish license, that's a dog license with the word 'dog' crossed out and the word 'goldfish' written above in crayon".   

       Would I get away with using an unlicensed 'Max Headroom' accent on account of my speech impediment?
Twizz, Oct 22 2009

       //Xenzag// not if you need a licence to issue licences.
egbert, Oct 22 2009

       What about bring required to hold a license to use licenses?
pocmloc, Oct 22 2009

       Ironically, I've always imagined [vfrackis] to be Indian. I have no idea why as there's really no evidence to back this up, but the moniker suggests a name like Videsh Frackis or somesuch.   

       Anyway [vfrackis], I always read your words with a slight subcontinental twang in them so I hope that either you really are Indian, or you have an imaginary certificate to go with the imaginary accent you are using in my mind.
wagster, Oct 22 2009

vfrackis, Oct 22 2009

       Would this certification give you any rights that the first amendment does not already?
Bad Jim, Oct 25 2009

       I wouldn't have thought so, Bad Jim. However, a licensed fake accent would be much more authoritive. Many people are more easily impressed by a well presented certificate than by a well presented argument.
DrBob, Oct 26 2009

       Vis wan toim, roight, I fooled a Sarf Lahndaner at I wos frum Sarf Lahndan, innit?
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 26 2009

       Yoo wo'?
pertinax, Oct 27 2009

       This ideao reminds me of sale of land on moon and mars.
VJW, Feb 21 2012


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