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Ceiling Fan TV

Moving Picture Blades
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As is amply demonstrated by numerous Sharper Image and similar appliance makers, one can use rapid motion blur to create a display device adequate for clock and logo display.

Taking this technology a step further, and allowing that it may be adequate for those lacking ambition to simply display the "Get It/At Porky's" animation on their ceiling fan blades using no electronics whatsoever, one must acknowledge that the time has come for the full fledged Ceiling Fan TV.

It's electronics adjust frame display rates and fan speed to support not only regular viewing but slow motion replay as well.

theircompetitor, Jun 18 2005

Like this? CFDU
...but faster and in colour? [st3f, Jun 20 2005]


       At 60 revolutions per second, this is going to be one mean ceiling fan. [+]
Basepair, Jun 18 2005

       You could use it to show films involving lots of wind!
oldchina, Jun 20 2005

       A large-diameter fan, 5 blades, just 12 revs per sec = 720 rpm. That's still a pretty stiff breeze. Probably never have to dust the blades, though :D
elhigh, Jun 20 2005

       As one of the inventors of the technology, can I tell you to go get a life, besides mine?
mensmaximus, Jun 20 2005

       You invented persistence-of-vision displays? Or was it ceiling fans? Either way, I'm impressed.
half, Jun 20 2005

       [half], the rotating LED technology is still developing but the idea of a fan blowing would dry out the eyes too much, especially laying down.
mensmaximus, Jun 20 2005

       I am a fan of ceiling mounted tv's?
maximus5, Jun 20 2005

       [mens] why does the fan have to blow down? For that matter the blades needn't have any pitch at all.
bristolz, Jun 20 2005


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