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CO2 Cartridge Fueled Plant Generator

CO2 cartridge co2 dispersement device.
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Someone needs to make this, a co2 "dispersement" device that is powered by those small co2 cartridges you get for a co2 bb gun, once screwed into the device, it disperses co2 evenly over all of your plants, safely ensuring both the life and productivity of your plant.
Cryptic33, Jun 27 2001

Carbon Dioxide 4 Greenhouses http://homeharvest....oxideenrichment.htm
Gas bottles and generators for greenhouses [PiledHigherandDeeper, Oct 04 2004]


       It would be fun to see if you could get a given houseplant to grow faster with a high-CO2 atmosphere, but you'd probably need to put a bag or container over it to keep the gas from dissipating before it can have any effect. For fun you could put a teaspoon of baking soda and a little vinegar in a glass and put it by your plant--the fizz that comes off this mixture is CO2.
Dog Ed, Jun 27 2001

       A typical airgun gas cartridge contains 12 grams of CO2. While this equates to about 500 liters (enough for about 50-80 shots from a typical airgun), it will only provide about 3.3 grams of carbon. Probably not enough to be very useful.
supercat, Jun 27 2001

       An easy (and less expencive) way to increase the amount of CO2 available to a plant in an isolated atmosphere (aquatium, glass jar, 2L bottle) is to fill a small dish with baking soda and then fill a tied off finger cot (finger condom) with vinegar, and put a pinhole in it. put the vinegar cot into the small dish with the baking soda. The reaction between the chemicals produces new CO2 gas and the apparatus creates a "slow release" effect.
LED Prism, Jun 17 2003

       Put your lawnmower into the living room and leave it running. You might get a little CO but plants don't really care about that.
kbecker, Jun 18 2003


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