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Custom animatronic band

The Grateful Dead needn't be. Dead that is.
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Ever seen an animatronic band? Those robotic, ususally anthropomorphic figures on stage at the kids' pizza place? PhoenixCo is proud to announce we're bringing them to your home.

Our crack team of engineers, audiophiles and musicians are ready to give you the concert of your dreams. You mix-n-match the virtual musicians of your choice from our catalog*. We kit the band and ship it to you in 6 to 8 weeks. In addition to the animatrons, you'll receive a dream component system and a selection of CDs chosen to highlight the individual virtual musicians you selected.

Bear in mind, that this isn't the namby-pamby, cookie-cutter style system you'll see at Chuck E. Cheeses. Our animatrons perform as closely to the originals as modern technology will allow. What's more, they *sound* like the originals! Advanced modulation circuitry in the broadcast system actually samples the music, performs beat detection and modifies the output so it sounds like the original artist is covering the selected song. Want to hear Robert Plant sing "Oops I Did it Again"? We can do that! Want to hear Willie Nelson cover Metallica? We can do that!

All units come with 2 years on-site warrantee and 1 years of technical support. Don't delay, order today!

*Custom personalities available upon request for a considerable surcharge.

phoenix, May 30 2002


       I'll order one of my mother at 25 singing "Rock a Bye Baby".
FarmerJohn, May 31 2002

       I'm sure I once saw a video of an animatronic version of the Dead themselves doing this. Can't remember the song; it was about 10 years ago.
angel, May 31 2002

       //The Grateful Dead needn't be. Dead that is.//   

       They never seemed all that grateful, either.
beauxeault, May 31 2002

       angel - "touch of grey"
quarterbaker, May 31 2002

       Probably work in the mall environment, but would be expensive and get old after a while at home. Add a "Custom animatronic fighting" option. Choose two or more competitors and watch them battle it out.
dag, May 31 2002

       That's the one. Not exactly animatronic, half the video is the band, half is puppeteered skeletons made up to look like the band.
StarChaser, Jun 01 2002

       //Add a "Custom animatronic fighting" option. Choose two or more competitors and watch them battle it out.//   

       Gene Simmons vs. Angus Young.
andrew1, Sep 27 2005


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