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Built-in Wireless TV Hookups

DVD, VCR, TV with built-in bluetooth
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I recently purchased a new DVD changer and I had to move about a ton of furnitures to access the back of my TV, A/V system, old DVD player, VCR, new DVD player just to get the damn cables to connect.

Here's my idea, WIRELESS, 802.11, 802.16, Bluetooth, whatever can handle the bandwidth.... to connect between VCR, DVD, TV, Speakers, A/V, TiVo, DirecTV, etc etc. With the wireless system, there will be no more cables!! You can place you DVD, VCR, A/V, speakers to wherever in the house you'd like (well, any place with an outlet). No more wiring constrain and no more cluttered "Entertainment Center"

With wireless, I can just buy a 50" flat screen, hang it on the wall, plug it in... and VOILA, the new TV will hookup with all my other systems.

You can program a "access code" to the equipment (just like a wireless hub) so only systems in your house are hooked up.

The only thing I am not sure about is how much bandwidth is necessary to carry the signals. I am sure audio is not a problem but video may require much higher bandwidth

JohnnyOla, Jun 04 2003


       I won't link to them because of their annoying pop-up ads, but X10.COM has a ton of stuff like this.
krelnik, Jun 04 2003


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