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Celebrity Bread

A gap in the market
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There are many TV shows about cookery, and almost as many about celebrities, or reality-TV stars, which are almost but not quite the same thing.

And there are TV shows with celebrity chefs, and celebrity guests.

But what do these celebrities eat when they're home alone ? Some, no doubt, have staff to prepare their food, but many must do the odd bit of self-catering ...

So, what do they cook for themselves ? And what ingredients do they keep in their store cupboard ? Crucially, what are the mundane, perishable basics that they stop at a convenience store to collect - particularly, bread.

So this programme will focus on the bread choices of the well-known and the wealthy.

Working title: "Loaf styles of the rich and famous".

8th of 7, Sep 09 2016

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       Admt it, the pun came first...
RayfordSteele, Sep 09 2016

       You know when you stare at the halfbakery and a tagline sparks an idea ?
bigsleep, Sep 09 2016


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