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Connoisseurs in a Combat Zone

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I'm thinking something like Lloyd Grossman in a war-zone, to me* it'd just be 'burnt house' or 'IED', but to them, it's olfactory revelation..."Hmmm, what is it, like burnt toast with a piney after-scent" and "hmmm, something a little overdone and a bit too gamey..." finds out what it is and throws up..

It's too much to hope that they will be the first casualties, but there's always a possibility.

*Personally I lack the skills to be able blather on like this. Kind of reminiscent of when the Chinese empire decided to face outwards a little and sent the brothers Wong to investigate technology in the US in 1902,

They looked at steelworks, railroads and a faltering flying machine project.

That project did eventually work out, but couldn't be duplicated back in China. The Emperor was heard to say "Well, two Wongs don't make Wright..."

not_morrison_rm, Aug 04 2014




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