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The next swedish chef

contest to see who can best be the swedish chef
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'Gorn de fide mork de shruedel gorf de fin de fin de fin. Beider fordi schpoonie goudi cheesie mork! Mork! Mork! Mork!'

Step away, Alton Brown, food science, food schmiyance. We want food comedy & too long has a swedish chef guy been held back from our entertainment!

An annual contest should be given to us as to who can best cook and sing swenglish - preferibly incomprehensibly, yet explain common recipe disasters ....

'No chenin blanc! A foir de squior de mere de fer! Geurnie fere de pur de munshini fer di schuer. - + points for a "meep meep meep" beaker sou chef.

I'm being extreme on how to screw something up by using moonshine as a substitute for a white wine, but I think a cooking show showing how people can screw up & explaining how not to with a 'swedish chef' type chef would be watched.

- no offense, Alton Brown. You're my favorite. Well, next to the swedish chef, anyway.

Zimmy, Nov 25 2009

Google http://www.google.com/intl/xx-bork/
Bork! Bork! Bork! interface enabled. [DrBob, Nov 25 2009]




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