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Decentralised Image board

- An open letter to the Public
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Is there such thing as a decentralized p2p image board system? An image board is a board that can host images on it like most web forums of today. Because it might be very interesting, to see how such system would function on a truly global scale. (Like the antique but still useful USENET)

Would it de-evolve into a total anarchy like Usenet? Or would it be the next truly unstoppable force for the ??? within the net like p2p?

If such program is created in the near future** it should be called "The Shoal" (In reference to a ‘ kinda ok’ book called "Silver Screen", to which it refers to a collective Hive Mind AI * that reside within the Internet).

I also hope that the development for such program would be done in the spirit of Open source.

I know most of you would not give an even a single thought for this idea. But however, I do know that some days from now, when you are a programmer slaving away at some non-nondescript company. While reading the latest Dilbert comic strip, you will look into the sky and wonder, what’s the limit of human ingenuity. The power that can bring so many people together, for one single overriding goal.

To achieve in blind faith for a better tomorrow.

This great power nevertheless lies within your hand.

By Akimbomdget


*[It’s like “A shoal of fish”, a mass collective of individual AI working together for… something.]

** [I hope :P]

mofosyne, Jan 08 2007

P2p message system P2p_20message_20system
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4chan.org http://4chan.org
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barabaradark (p2p experiments) https://github.com/...sutalk/barabaradark
[mofosyne, Mar 19 2016]


       "Let's all" meets 4chan?   

       I like imageboards and I like usenet, so it's a good idea, but... doesn't seem that novel. Just seems like a bigger idea of what's already out there.   

       Unless I'm missing something?
Cuit_au_Four, Jan 08 2007

       p2p wiki with image support?
ironfroggy, Jan 09 2007


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