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Cell Phone Resonance Stand

Inspired by an accident
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One day I set my cell phone down on the air purifier on any other day I may have been inspired to think about something else but this was no ordinary day, it was yesterday.

I don't normally set my phone on vibrate but this time I had come back from a movie. Then suddenly the sound of a horn going off all through out the house. What could this be, I thought. The strange noise came from my cell phone which I had left across the house. The air purifier was not only the perfect shape to amplify the vibration across the house but also to modulate the vibrations into an entirely different noise all together.

Not only would lazy me not need to change the ring tone as often but I now had an idea for a piece of art that would amplify my cell phone vibrations into a beautiful sound that was more powerful than my ringer would ever be. And I only set it down there originally because it was near a wall outlet.

sartep, Oct 07 2004

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       Any chance of a recording, with and without resonance stand?   

       If you put it into a hamster ball full of water does it move itself across the table?
egbert, Oct 07 2004

       You still have to sprint back to the phone before the voicemail picks up. Still, I want one so it gets a bun.
wagster, Oct 07 2004

       Hmmm... cellphones with Victrola horns...
RayfordSteele, Oct 08 2004


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