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Centrifugal Farce

Get it boy!
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I was reminded, after reading [21 Quest]'s Auto Fetch idea, of a concept, (which didn't win), that I had submitted to the Idea Fetch contest.

Picture a 10" diameter plastic hoop with about an inch and a half wide, hollow cross section.
Into this hollow is inserted a motion activated, inch wide, cylindrical shuttle and battery, with drive wheels around its circumference and the hatch is secured. Over this is stretched a rawhide cover, or a tasseled one if you are a cat person.
I am both myself...but I digress.

Your dog saunters over, unimpressed by your latest attempt to win back his favor after leaving him alone in the back yard day after day for years.
With a look of disdain he bites down on this new chew toy and suddenly drops it, barking like mad.
His bite has activated the shuttle which begins to zip around the interior of the hoop causing it to oscillate wildly on the floor, until the shuttle has gained enough momentum to tilt the hoop on end and race through the room, followed closely by Fido, where it careens off of the side of the coffee table to launch across the back of the sofa, then crosses the hallway and into the kitchen before Fido gets his jaws around it again.

The first impact with the coffee table had deactivated the shuttle drive motor and only inertia kept it moving from that point on but now that Fido is getting a taste...his bite has activated the shuttle which begins to zi...

The hilly terrain here http://www.farsinet.com/farsi/
might eliminate [Canuck]'s problem. [pertinax, Aug 30 2007]

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       This might be a good hula-hoop for the lazy exerciser.
Ling, Aug 29 2007

       Can someone decode the meaning of the title's misspellings for me? (I'd normally correct it to "Centrifugal Force", but surely 2fries wouldn't get that far off without purpose?)
jutta, Aug 29 2007

       Maybe he meant "Centrifugal Farce", then?
jutta, Aug 29 2007

       Or Centrifutile Farce?
xenzag, Aug 29 2007

       It could be "A Garlic Stiffener" which is an anagram.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 29 2007

       I vote for "Centrifugal Farce" (as if my vote means anything).   

       This is obviously not an outdoor toy because of the potential for lost dogs (cats, too) when the hoop finds the main street out of town and there's nothing to bump into for kilometers and kilometers...   

       <that's miles and miles for all the non-metrified bakers>
Canuck, Aug 29 2007

       maybe it's Iranian for 'get it, boy."
k_sra, Aug 29 2007


       Bad! Bad spelling! Go to your rume.   

       //maybe it's Iranian for 'get it, boy."//   

       That'd be "*Farsi* for 'get it, boy'."   

       As in 'centipedal Farsi' - a different idea.
pertinax, Aug 30 2007

       [pentinax] Isn't that just a couple of squads of the Iranian army?
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 30 2007

       don't be im[pertinax]! (and here i thought the comment would be too obscure.) at any rate, let's just both for"get it, boy."
k_sra, Aug 30 2007


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