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dog diving

teach your dog to dive
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i was tossing sticks for my dog in the river and sometimes she would dive a bit if it sank. so what if there was a ball that had a changeable ballast. when thrown in it might sink to just a few inches, or maybe it could go down a foot or so when the bitch gets good at it.
zpprhed, Dec 20 2002

Fish catching doggies..... http://www.dogbreed...tuguesewaterdog.htm
"...the Portuguese Water Dog has aided Portuguese fisherman for many centuries. He herded and caught fish..." [Marassa, Oct 04 2004]

Dogs already scuba http://fozbaca.org/.../03/scuba_dog.shtml
[theircompetitor, Oct 04 2004]


       Hm. You could train your dog to catch fish.
DrCurry, Dec 20 2002

       Some breeds already do. Link.
Marassa, Dec 20 2002

       Now we need some canine SCUBA gear...
RayfordSteele, Dec 20 2002

       Personally, I'm still working out the visual of a dog herding fish....
Marassa, Dec 20 2002

       [RS], I’ve seen canine SCUBA gear in action, but I don’t know if it’s commercially available. I’ll try to find a link. The head gear works much like the old fully enclosed equipment though, so they can’t actually grab on to anything.
Shz, Dec 21 2002

       OK, [IVnick8or] just found a link for us. That’s similar, only in the setup I saw, the dog gets connected to your tank instead of a feed on the surface.
Shz, Dec 21 2002

       Sorry [IVnick8or], that was my fault. At a glance the picture in that link appears to have a surface feed for the dog. The one I saw in action had a much shorter connection.
Shz, Dec 21 2002

       Retriever breeds would love this toy. Agreed, it's badly worded, but croissant none the less.
8th of 7, Dec 21 2002

       Several years ago, I had a retriever who loved to fetch objects from underwater (with amazing precision, I might add). She loved doing this so much that she eventually began to drop rocks, etc. into the water for herself to fetch. I soon had to discourage the behavior, since it was giving her terrible ear infections. I would have paid for a good set of water-tight earplugs for her, if they had been available. Can we work on that?
X2Entendre, Dec 21 2002

       No. Do not use earplugs on a diving dog or yourself.
Shz, Dec 22 2002

       A danger with teaching a dog to SCUBA dive (though it would probably amuse my dog): if you went deep enough and then came up again, the dog might hold its breath and die because the air breathed into its lungs at the bottom would expand and possibly rupture a lung. Divers know to breathe out as they go up, dogs might not.
theonecalledzil, Jan 28 2004


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