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Certificate of Experience

A piece of paper for those who deserve it.
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A way to distinguish non-degree'd professionals.
"Hoang's been here for 15 years and he knows more than anyone here about what's going on. Why did they hire Newby Numbnuts over him?"
"Newby came from Southwest Missouri State Technical A&M. They said he's the future of our department."
Zimmy, Jul 31 2003

Baked in US for engineering http://www.theinformant.com/require.html
"Work experience can be substituted for education. You must prove that your work experience is equivalent to an engineering degree." [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Hoang should have made some effort to get some sort of degree over the last 15 years. Many companies will assist with education, many institutions will provide some sort of credit for real-life experience. Not fair I know, but life never is.
rbl, Aug 01 2003

       sniff..<quietly tears up application to Southwest Missouri State Technical A&M>
DeathNinja, Aug 01 2003

       "if there's an original thought out there somewhere I could use it right now" Bob Dylan
There are some people that people would hire just to have not be in the employ of thier competitors, and for that reason alone.
I think the Certificate of Experience would be for people such as those.
Zimmy, Aug 01 2003

       Ah, great point, [jutta] but one that assumes that the issuer of such a certificate is an employer rather than a third party which leads to my question: Who is the proposed issuer of such a certificate, [Zimmy]?
bristolz, Aug 01 2003


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