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Geek Certification

Formal Certification based on Geekiness
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Sure you can be into Star Wars...Star Trek or LoTR, but how do we determine who is the bigger geek, Doctor Who fans perhaps? We need an international scale of geekdom with formal certification based on geek knowledge (and perhaps ability to repulse women). If you dress up as a Klingon on weekends you might be a Journeyman Geek; attend every Star Trek convention and you might be a more accomplished geek. An international standards organization needs to sort this out.
Major_domo, Oct 09 2003


       Are you sure you're not confusing geeks with nerds?
DrCurry, Oct 09 2003

       The certificate would have geeked text, of course.   

       "Ipsum LoTRem . . . "
bristolz, Oct 09 2003

       <vision of clown biting the head off a live chicken>
Shz, Oct 09 2003

       At some point, Dr Who fans will be recognised not as nerds or geeks, but as the most culturally sophisticated people of our time.
Detly, Oct 09 2003

       640 certificates should be enough for everybody !
riskyrisk, Oct 17 2003

       I misread this as "Greek Certification", where you must be able to say "wooo!" and do stupid stuff while listening to bad music.   

       There are places where those who are simultaneously "Geek" and "Greek" congregate. The outcome is not pretty.
sninctown, Oct 27 2009


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