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Schrodinger's Education

bore students and pour knowledge into them
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To earn this degree a student would be locked in to a library with nothing but piles and piles of nonfiction books and videos on a particular topic. He would be given blank paper, pencils, a water fountain, and a toilet. He would submit himself to be so incarcerated for ten hours per day for four years. To keep costs to a minimum there would be no teacher and no tests.

A degree would certify the student had either the stamina and curiosity or the dullness and laziness to present himself there on a regular basis. It would also promise he had extensive opportunity to learn the topic at hand. These two guarantees would give the degree roughly the same value as a traditional one.

As to whether he were educated, a person would have to observe the subject.

Voice, Dec 19 2016

Education becomes Incarceration becomes edu... http://publications...PBdP/BP/bp386-e.htm
[Sgt Teacup, Dec 19 2016]


       Sp. "Schrödinger"   


       // observe the subject //   

       It's not necessarily obvious, even then ...
8th of 7, Dec 19 2016

       WKTE in all for-profit post-secondary educational institutions, especially pop-up 'training colleges' and any institution associated with government-funded 'back to work' or 'job re-training'. Definitely baked in Canadian K-12 and community college education since the Politicians took over from the Educators, circa probably the early '80s, and definitely 1994 (see link).   

       Side note: Finnish Educators observed successful schools in Ontario in the 1970s, and have since turned our previous model into a system which is the envy of the world. Imagine.   

       Canadian politicians, in the meantime, have imported every failed educational reform from the U.S., about 5 years after it fails in the States (eg: No Child's Behind Left), and then wondered why our social problems have skyrocketed. Hmm.   

       Further note: When we entered the room to check on the cat, the window was open and the box was empty. Schrödinger's physics is clearly responsible for the Law of Unintended Consequences, in both education and kitty longevity.   

       Bun for succinct explication.
Sgt Teacup, Dec 19 2016

       // the window was open and the box was empty. //   

       <makes note to be sure to close window next time>
8th of 7, Dec 19 2016


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