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Learn How To Make A Computer Mouse

Accelerated Eight Year Course
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Nobody knows how to make a computer mouse. Until now.

Remulac's University Of Learning & Stuff now offers the first eight year program that will allow you to be among the first people on Earth who know how to make a computer mouse.

Modules include:

Mining and mineral engineering and metallurgy - Applied polymer science - Creating 3d computer models, writing a 3d computer modeling program and building the computer that runs the program...

Along with electronics, electrical engineering etc etc etc. When, and if, you complete this course, should you be transported to the court of King Arthur by time machine, worm hole or other bad movie premise Connecticut Yankee style, after you take control of the country with your bang stick technology, you will be able to create a computer mouse.

That is if you're motivated to do so. Myself, I'd probably just be sitting around having maidens fair cater to my every whim, but you might be more ambitious.

doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2013

http://www.thetoast...oject.org/page2.htm Aha, I see this has been linked elsewhere on the halfbakery [calum, Feb 10 2013, last modified Feb 11 2013]

Page 973. howtoengineerit_2ecom
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 10 2013]

ted on how to make a mouse from scratch http://h0w2.info/in...php?title=H0w2.info
from the links on how2engineerit.com hb idea (2friesShys link) [pashute, Feb 12 2013]


       // you might be more ambitious //   

       If I was, would I be here?   

Alterother, Feb 10 2013


       Yea, gotta admit, at any given time there's a better chance of finding me reading the Halfbakery than my stock portfolio. That is if I even have a stock portfolio.   

       Ehh, I'll check after typing this anno. Or tomorrow, tomorrow's good.
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2013

       Calum & 2 Fries, thanks the links, very cool. I think there should be a contest to make stuff like toasters and phones from the wild with only caveman tools. The only thing modern you could use would be knowledge and the coolest thing wins. A toaster with a pedal powered generator to supply the electricity it would be a good example. How do you make wire with caveman tools? No idea. Therein lies the challenge.   

       I think I posted a similar idea where you could only use tools from Da Vinci's time to make things, this would be even more challenging.   

       Entries would need each step of the process recorded to make sure no modern tools were used.   

       Call it the "Caveman Tech Contest".   

       By the way, went to bun the "Howtoengineerit.com" idea and I already had bunned it all those years ago.
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2013

       I'm almost sure it's nothing like as hard as people think. A ball mouse can use two rods and wheels which interrupt the light from two LEDs. However, LEDs as such are unnecessary and even a candle flame could be used, provided you have a photocell, or the metal brush technique as used by punchcard readers. Then you need only learn how to smelt the metal, assuming you aren't using native metals such as gold. It can be done, i'm sure, and quite straightforwardly. This is probably more true of mice than other peripherals. It's not like that toaster thing. [+].
nineteenthly, Feb 10 2013

       // How do you make wire with caveman tools? //   

       Before I answer that question I must know what degree of pedantry you are able to endure, sir.
Alterother, Feb 10 2013

       I'm thinking the directions would be like: "smash the hell out of the copper with a rock till it looks more wirey" but if you're inclined to give a more pedantic description of the procedure, by all means. One man's pedantry is another man's poetry.   

       As long as the process works of course.
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2013

       //That is if I even have a stock portfolio.   

       That's easy, go buy a folio case from an art supply shop and then get some stock cubes and some port.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 12 2013


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