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Home Delivery Box

Prevent theft of packages left on door-step.
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In the USA the postal system generally delivers mail (and picks up mail) at every physical address --but this is sometimes simplified, such as in apartment buildings where a wall of mailboxes makes it easy to deliver mail to the whole building. Such a place might also have a single particular large mailbox (see link) which many people in the building can use for sending out stuff.

However, these days the postal service is not the only entity delivering stuff to people --but only official mail is legally allowed to be placed in mailboxes. Therefore many packages are left exposed and vulnerable to theft.

With the rising use of on-line sales and shipped deliveries, it is becoming common for packages to be both vulnerable and stolen, after getting delivered. Logically, we need a way to prevent that.

Recently (relative to when this Idea was written), one of the major home-delivery companies proposed obtaining house keys so that packages could be placed directly inside residences. Most folks are not comfortable with that, so we need an alternative.

Logically, a relatively simple lockbox located outside the residence could suffice. Let the shipper have a key to that, but not the key to the house.

A more sophisticated box could allow packages to be placed inside it without needing a key. See the link again! --because that style of lockbox allows anyone to put stuff inside it, but removing that stuff requires a key. However, we need a different design, since that particular design is considered to be for exclusive use of the postal system. I'll leave the type of alternate design as an exercise for the readers.

Vernon, Nov 07 2017

Postal Service lockbox --note it is rain-resistant. http://1.bp.blogspo...1696787491602_2.jpg
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Nov 07 2017]

Parcel Motel http://www.parcelmotel.com/
somewhat baked in Dublin Ireland [xenzag, Nov 08 2017]

Security arrangement for delivered goods https://www.google....O1987006298A1?cl=en
My old student landlord would have fit in on halfbakery. Here's one of his old ideas. [prufrax, Nov 08 2017]


       // every physical address //   

       Is the address space linear or segmented ?   

       The idea suggets the concept of protected areas within the address range. This is WKTE.   

       We suggest that the answer is actually to swap the contents of the address location to local backing store, operating in Demand Page mode, I.e. when you request something it's immediately brought right to you by a small boy with a pudding-basin haircut wearing an elaborately -embroidered 16th century uniform.
8th of 7, Nov 07 2017

       Attach a combination-lockbox to the porch. Give the number to the delivery service. Change the number after delivery.   

       I'm not sure how this is supposed to be complicated.
FlyingToaster, Nov 07 2017

       They're nice, but actually any 2-seater sports car would do. Or a big motorbike ...
8th of 7, Nov 08 2017

       Usually it's a pool or a clan celebration, not a box.
wjt, Nov 09 2017


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