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Chains, the game

Chains Are You Down With it?
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hello, this is my first invention ;| on here. it is a game called chains, it takes place in 'arenas' of a certain width height etc, and 2 competitors, battle with chains.

The way they battle is like this, they both stand against a wall at either side of the 'arena' and you must throw the chain at the wall behind your opponent to score a point, your opponenet must block using any body part they wish.

i did have a word document with the rules i wrote because i was expecting it to become the next big sport around the world, but i dont know if i still have it. i have palyed this game loads its good.

google search revealed nothing but word games.

Pop Weasel, Feb 10 2006


       Metal chains? Daisy chains? Why chains and not, say, balls, or fruit? We need details, man, details.   

       But welcome, Mr Weasel, welcome.
calum, Feb 10 2006

       no no. its not. sorry. yes metal chains. i have played it with a golf ball once, but the surface was making it bounce unpredictabley. fruit i dont know, why not its just a sport at the end of the day, enjoy it.
Pop Weasel, Feb 10 2006

       What would it then be called, Fruit?
daseva, Feb 10 2006

       I think that would be correct. fruit, a little bit tastier than a chain in the face.
Pop Weasel, Feb 10 2006

       a heavier chain is better because it is easier to throw, so bigger links and longer chains are the order of the day.   

       i used a necklace i won from a '2p pushing machine' and although it was small, it was good for throwing, it still hurt your hands too.
Pop Weasel, Feb 10 2006

       I feel the playing field/court/arena ought to be measured in multiples of cricket pitches.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 10 2006

       how long is a cricket pitch.   

       The Chains playing arena is any location, it can be palyed wherever there are two opposing walls.   

       Public playing halls, could contain different sized palying areas.   

       i also forgot to mention there is a height limt on the wall, where you can score points.
Pop Weasel, Feb 10 2006

       Oh fer gawds sake. If you're going to stick up any game that comes into your head in less that 30 seconds and can be played with what comes to hand then we're going to be in for a long night.   

       [-] Too little meat on this bone.
st3f, Feb 10 2006

       //how long is a cricket pitch (?) // A chain.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 10 2006

       no i have not just thoguht of these in 30 seconds, they are games i have played seriously in my youth. and they are not bad, i think you should try playing it. its a laugh.   

       nice one. abs.
Pop Weasel, Feb 10 2006

       Sounds like you are still 'in' your youth to me....   

       Maybe I should try playing it, but I can't, as you havn't told us how to play!..... ;)
Minimal, Feb 14 2006

       good point.   

       you throw the chain and must hit the wall behind the other person, below the height restriction thing, and if you hit it you get a point. its simple and good. i am 'in' my youth. im nice and young.
Pop Weasel, Feb 15 2006

       i got this game where u kick a ball arownd a "field" of a certain length and width and try to kick the ball between two posts at the other end and stop the other people kicking it between the posts at you're end. youll really like it.
wagster, Feb 15 2006

       Sorry [Pop], that was very condescending of me.
wagster, Feb 15 2006

       Bad wagster! Do not be condescending to wierd little newbies! Even if they do post ideas for things which they have not thought about one bit!   

       //Sorry [Pop]// Ahh the irony.   

       The idea would probably have got a better reception if you had put it in a different category and phrased it thus:   

       "Throw Chains at People   

       Get a Chain and throw it at someone.   

       Not much more to say. They throw it back afterwards. Hopefully."
dbmag9, Feb 15 2006

       A chain is only as long as its missing link.   


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