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Assassin for Hire

Put your money where your mouth is...
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The traditional game of Assassin, with a few small changes.

It becomes a way to make money.

Each person starts with 20$US, maybe more or less if you want. Each player is required to keep their money with them at all times.

When a player is assassinated, the assassin can 'loot' the 'body' and take that person's 20$US - and they must then keep that money with them at all times, too. If they get assassinated, their killer gets the original 20$US + all loot.

At any time, a player may 'retire' and keep his/her money, but they lose the chance to get more.

DesertFox, Jul 30 2006

Assassin rules http://en.wikipedia...ssassins_%28game%29
[DesertFox, Jul 30 2006]


       Genius. But a better way of doing this may be to have a central banker and just give everyone a token redeemable for cash. You're less likely to accidentally spend that at the dry cleaners.
shapu, Jul 30 2006

       This is the best way to play Monopoly(+).
jellydoughnut, Aug 04 2006


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