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Chainsaw + Crossbow

Zombie killing made compulsory
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Everybody knows zombies will one day take over the world. If it wasn't going to happen, then all the directors of the films predicting the event would look pretty silly...

In the UK, there are laws governing firearms and so we can't all have a gun hidden away to protect us against future zombie attacks. Thus we need to stay within the law and still develop a weapon that can slice the undead apart.

Crosbows are legal and powerful, but difficult to reload. Bring on the subtle addition of a powerful but compact engine and the solution is found.

To slay end level boss type undead monsters, the addition of an oxy-acetelyene powered potato cannon (using concrete filled beer cans as ammo) could be included as an option. The only down side is finding where to keep the beer while making the ammo.

The basic components are not expensive and as it is a national security concern there's every chance of a government subsidy and perhaps it should even be mandatory for every house to have one. After all preparation is everything.

saedi, Aug 16 2010

Forearm Crutch Mace Forearm_20Crutch_20Mace
assembling the zombie fighting team here. [bungston, Aug 16 2010]

Automatic Crossbow http://www.youtube....watch?v=QS4RKoRyTik
It might not be a gun, but it's a deadly weapon. I doubt it's actually legal to just carry about in the UK. It's also really cool. [Jinbish, Aug 16 2010]

Zombie Dynamo! Use_20Zombies_20to_..._20global_20warming
[bungston, Aug 16 2010]


       And how is this advantageous over the celebrated 'chainsaw launcher'?
daseva, Aug 16 2010

       just stay in the pub and close the doors.
po, Aug 16 2010

       is this a chainsaw launcher, or a crossbow with a chainsaw bayonet attachment ?   

       Somebody firing a concrete-filled beer can from a shoulder-weapon would make an interesting video.
FlyingToaster, Aug 16 2010

       I think a crossbow would not be a very effective antizombie weapon. I do like the idea of a crossbow-cocked rock chucker. Mechanical energy and replaceable parts all the way: you know that fussy oxyacetylene is going to blow up and wound you just enough to make you slow. Also I think standardized ammo is fine but you should have an adjustable chute: in the field when you run out of cans you want to be able to chuck bricks.   

       The rock chucker would not finish them either, but would have reasonable chance of knocking them down where it is easier to take out the head.
bungston, Aug 16 2010

       I am thinking of a crossbow-type thing for use at short distances: like six feet or less. It would be more of a stafflike bangstick. It would be cocked and on triggering, the business end shoots out about a foot then stops. For zombie heads, you know.
bungston, Aug 16 2010

       [+] for bungston's diesel longstaff
FlyingToaster, Aug 16 2010

       Depending on the ammunition choice, a crossbow can do more damage than many types of bullets.   

       (Broadheads have considerably more dismembering power than jacketed bullets)
MechE, Aug 16 2010

       It's a no-brainer that you should drink the beer whilst making the ammo...
xandram, Aug 16 2010

       With the chainsaw reving manicly, there should be enough power to fire the crosbow quite rapidly. But yes, the blade should remain on the saw in case the amo runs out.
saedi, Aug 16 2010

       The crossbow would be good for zombie collection: one could use ammo with flanged tips with an attached cable, then reel them in once hooked. Collected zombies would be used to produce power, of course - as linked.
bungston, Aug 16 2010


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